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Full Version: 1 year porn free - Craving still present
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I recently hit the one year mark not watching porn. In that year I got more done than I ever have, which is why you are reading this on my successful website right now.

However, I slipped and watched porn after a whole year. Cravings were still there.

This is a lifetime lifestyle change and is hard! It is not a quick fix. My mind developed on daily porn use from the age of 13 and still wants its fix.

As for withdrawals, they came back after (I felt like shit) but they were not nearly as bad. 1/10th of how they were.

I am back on track but writing this to let you know that this takes time and persistence. Goodluck!
Hi sean,

Thanks for sharing. I manage to go 12 days without watching porn after being a daily user but I relapsed. I would like to ask you if you have any tips on how I can get through the week whilst controlling my urges.
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