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Common Questions
06-24-2014, 12:49 AM
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Common Questions
These are common questions to help you succeed.

1) What counts as porn?

Any videos, erotic literature, images and even HBO softcore. When you are addicted to porn, all of these will trigger your addiction pathways.

2) Can I masturbate.

This is about quitting porn. Not about qutting masterbation. Masterbation is a natural act, and do it on your own discretion.

3) Can I fantasize in my head

Fantasy is natural. but replaying your favorite porn scenes in your head is not. This is almost as powerful as watching the real thing. Try not to fantasize for the first 3 months.

4) How long for results?

This is all user determined. Some guys will feel great right away. Some will have horrible withdrawals and feel like they are quitting heroine (its true).

5) Why do this?

Porn is not natural and it is debilitating to men when addiction become present. And 90% of watcher are addicted, whether they know it or not. Read this for more reasons why: The top ten reasons to stop watching porn.

Sean Russell is the owner and operator of and this forum. He is a self improvement enthusiast who loves to help others improve their lives while enjoying his own.
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