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Quitting Caffeine after 5 months and still in recovery
12-11-2014, 07:54 PM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2014 02:14 AM by Jack.)
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Quitting Caffeine after 5 months and still in recovery
my journey in quitting caffeine...I was taking around 300 mg to 600 mg per day from pre workout...after years of using my head was hurting and I felt worst so I told myself it seems its from caffeine until I quite and the withdrawal began and it was pure hell my head was like oversized balloons from the top that I could not function for weeks that I added some green tea one cup a day adding 3 to 4 bags and after months my head began to heal and the stress began to get lower as symptoms began to go away and I noticed it gets removed while sleeping....I kept going and now I still have light sore throat and last remaining stress lower in my head from left and right side and my sleep got more lighter as my fatigue got reduced and body doesn't feel tired but my head is racing with anxiety and effects from the caffeine that makes sleep very light and not getting real deep sleep....I went to buy Melatonin 3 mg so I can taper Xanax then I woked feeling drugged from Melatonin feeling depressed and tired and mentally foggy after 3 days side effects from Melatonin lessened but it made me sleep well when night time arrives when I stopped taking it but when I wake up I have to do some walking or running to feel awake like shaking off the groggy sleepy feeling....before taking it I was taking Xanax not large dose but my mind wont sleep while withdrawing from caffeine so Xanax forced my mind to shut off so I can sleep...Using Xanax for months I wanted to taper so I wont be addicted to another drug....I had stressed out pain from the caffeine withdrawal but felt lessened when I took Melatonin but i still feel the balloons in my head....Having the last remaining balloons on my lower right and left head sleep got lighter and deep rem sleep is important for recovery as Xanax did not give me rem sleep as it effects wears off quickly then I wake up after 5 hours feeling tired from lack of sleep and anxiety effects from caffeine withdrawal makes my mind tired as hell....I stopped using Melatonin but my natural sleep is getting back to normal naturally but after Melatonin but if I take it everyday I feel dizzy and sleepy....Rehab back to the gym i need to know what foods to eat and if I can go on heavy training if it would help my recovery and how to handle the stress from the caffeine while lifting and eating well and trying to get 8 hours of sleep.

my caffeine withdrawals:

1) Headache

2) Insomnia

3) Fatigue

4) Depression

5) Anxiety

6) Irritability

7) Muscle pain and stiffness

8) Lack of concentration

9) Flu-like symptoms


11) my back muscles were very hurt and in pain usually because I was lifting weights while taking caffeine...felt like heavy weights on my back

12)For me caffeine caused me acne and still until my body detoxes from it..had no acne before caffeine intake

1st month: was stressed out all day everyday and after 1 week I developed slight blocky nose along with slight sore throat

2nd month: very tired and depressed and anxiety with my head full of balloons and very high anxiety waking up was very hard....throbbing headache also was very painful...Did come at night

3rd month: stress got lower but still tired and depressed and waking up was hard but some symptoms went away

4th month: got some relief but I was shaky all day and my muscles were like twitching but stress got lower as months passed...waking up got much easier

5th month: my body became more light like a feather waking up was easy but sleeping was hard as my mind was racing from the anxiety and was hard to shut off to sleep deep also my muscle twitching went away but still not stress free

That is my recovery progress and still in recovery and I hope people having same experiences not to be scared or feel alone as many of us are in recovery and still withdrawing from it.

Some questions:

Should I take Melatonin every week or every 2 weeks as it makes very tired and sleepy if taken everyday or should I take 5htp and see if it works better with no side effects ..What dose or brand should I try to avoid side effects??

What is the best foods to recover from caffeine withdrawal...does green tea hurt recovery?? or its good to take some as it has antioxidants and few caffeine. For past months I was drinking green tea and did not effect my healing but want to make sure it doesn't effect my recovery
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12-12-2014, 11:55 AM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2014 12:00 PM by Sean Russell.)
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RE: Quitting Caffeine after 5 months and still in recovery
Jack my man,

Thanks for commenting. Sorry for my delayed response.

First off - you are on a cocktail of drugs! It seems to me after reading this that your brain doesn't know what neurotransmitters to produce and when as you keep going on and off melatonin and taking Xanax. Xanax is very dangerous.

My recommendation would be to stop everything and focus on healing. Because to me, your healing won't begin until you are off everything.

There is ZERO point in using Xanax to help with caffeine withdrawal. It is just replacing one problem with another. Taper off everything. It might SUCK first two weeks, but you have to do it.

I believe your nervous system has taken a beating from all this. It is probably overactive and damaged. To heal, you need to focus on healing your nervous system and TIME.

For starters,

1) Get off all the drugs.

2) Start eating a healthy diet consisting of lots of veggies, protein & lots of healthy fats. Limit all sugars and limit grains and starches.

3) Don't worry about exercise for now, it may be worse right now until you feel the energy to do so. But try to do something light everyday like walking or stretching. Yoga would be best.

4) MEDITATE! Haha I feel like no one wants to do this, but if you are committed to being 100% then this is key. I would recommend twice a day for 20 minutes man. It is the #1 thing you can do right now.

5) Lots of water everyday

6) Don't let yourself dwell on it or think about it. I know it's hard, but thinking about it only makes you anxious about the symptoms themselves, which causes most symptoms. If you think this is your issue, this program is amazing for retraining your amygdala to stop the constant worry cycle of anxiety, although it is slightly expensive. It honestly cured me of this overthinking problem and my anxiety disorder.

7) Time. Healing takes time man, just never go back on caffeine.

I have seen so many guys like you already dude. And trust me, they are all good now. So don't give up and do what you have to do.

And come ask questions whenever.

*Disclaimer: All of this is my opinion and is not to be confused with medical advice.

Sean Russell is the owner and operator of and this forum. He is a self improvement enthusiast who loves to help others improve their lives while enjoying his own.
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12-12-2014, 11:58 AM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2014 11:59 AM by Sean Russell.)
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RE: Quitting Caffeine after 5 months and still in recovery
Supplements that WILL help:

1) Magnesium Citrate: 400mg a day - very calming on the nervous system

2) Omega 3 Fish Oil: 1000mg+ a day

3) Vitamin D

4) Tumeric

Easy natural stuff.

Sean Russell is the owner and operator of and this forum. He is a self improvement enthusiast who loves to help others improve their lives while enjoying his own.
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